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Professional Services
24/7 monitoring of customer’s servers and OS
Alert validation and escalation
Anti-virus updates
Ceph expertise
Dashboards and reporting
DevOps expertise
Eco-friendly data centres
Full lifecycle infrastructure
IAM/IDM architecture, implementation and support
IBM Middleware implementation and management
Infrastructure automation
Infrastructure reporting solutions
Integration with a customer’s service desk tool
ITIL compliant ticketing and reporting
OpenStack expertise
OS patching
Performance Tuning
Quality Assurance Management
Risk and Change Management
Runbook management
Safe and secure solutions
Security architecture
Test Tool implementation
Testing and Test Management
UNIX implementation and Admin
Vendor Management
Verifying completion of backups

Our Philosophy and Services

As well as having an existing range of professional services we are also developing and introducing technology that will enable a simple private peer-to-peer process that will enable a system to be cost effectively transferred into the cloud and centrally managed, where our market position is targeted to be highly competitive. This, along with our management and business expertise, will provide iCoriolis with an exceptional advantage in this rapidly expanding cloud market and create an extremely viable and hugely successful and profitable company, creating a high Return On Investment (ROI), as well as being a great company to work for. Our open, honest and flexible business approach will provide us with a sustainable competitive advantage.

We all understand how finding the ideal, and most cost-effective solution, can be very frustrating. After having followed, monitored and been part of the developing cloud related markets over the past few years we are very confident that there is huge potential for a company such as iCoriolis to make a significant impact to organisations, both for now and long into the foreseeable future, resulting in significant cost-savings and efficiencies. Therefore, we have compiled a highly qualified and experienced management team who have a vast wealth of experience and ability to deliver the technological solutions outlined.

Our client's data is of paramount importance to us, as we understand the protective nature of data. Safe and secure is the key to the safeguarding of any business information.

The data centres we use are UK based and are as eco-friendly as they come, therefore there is peace of mind that we are all putting something back into the World's eco system.
Hybrid Cloud Benefits

By drawing upon existing Cloud layers we are able to produce a hybrid system which offers a blend of services that provide for the requirements of any organisation. This solution will then meet the following non-functional requirements:
    • Simple to manage
    • Requires little to no input from IT staff
    • Reliable
    • High performance
    • Resilient
    • High availability.

Efficiency can easily be made by ensuring that any equipment, or series of integrated equipment, are assessed and implemented for any client, which will be using our own technical solution, where we are also developing our own IP technology.
Solution Approach

Our solution shows that by leveraging intelligent, next-generation cloud services, any business sector organisation can benefit from decreased capital costs for IT services. whist also benefiting from rapid response to computing demands. Service is only paid for on an as-used basis, so it is easy to scale back as well as expand service at will. Organisations who employ this technology can benefit from the high level if skill and resources provided by iCoriolis in terms of managing, securing and making available their data and services.
Our Business Differentiators

Our solutions are unique and/or different compared to the competition due to the following reasons:
    • The corporate background of the Management Team has the experience to successfully deliver all aspects of the business services that iCoriolis offers
    • Our Management Team have an exceptional mixture of industrial, infrastructure and corporate related experiences
    • We have a close relationship with University of York through the CEO for some possible future collaboration.

Our services and products are unique compared to our competititors due to the following:
    • Our comprehensive solutions will provide a significant cost saving to our clients
    •  We are developing IP technology.             
About Us

iCoriolis is a UK incorporated start-up business that was setup after the leadership team became frustrated at the lacking a reliable support solution, a safe secure cost-effective cloud platform and technical services that was available, and as such this resulted in the team working on this effective alternative solution.
Leadership Team

Simon Adlem

The Maker

  • 22+years professional experience
  • Highly experienced Solutions Architect
  • Major security experience
  • Designed multi-million pound systems

Todd Mondragon

The Fixer

  • 26+ years experience
  • ISP Service experience
  • Silicon Valley experience
  • Major international solution delivery experience

David Wray

The Informer

  • 25+ years professional experience
  • Pioneer in IP TV solution delivery
  • Deliverered first over-the-top IP TV in the UK
  • UK Prime Minister government recognition in 2008

Anthony Cairns

The Master

  • 35 years professional experience
  • Major international client delivery
  • MA in Leading Innovation & Change
  • Fellow of the British Computer Society (FBCS)
  • Ph.D Candidate

Highly experienced team
Professionally qualified staff
Professional services
Personal delivery
Unique  Cloud
We want to make a difference.

Let us be that missing piece of your technical jigsaw.
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We are currently developing Cloud and technical solutions that bring a better alternative to orgnisations or any size and business sector.

We can assure you that we will provide you with a service and solution that is...
<Previous Clients of the Leadership Team
The iCoriolis Leaderhip Team have previously provided their services to many international clients over the past 35 years.
Our Developments >
So what have we at iCoriolis been up to?

  • Development of a unique safe and secure Cloud solution
  • Development of a secure integrated voting system.

Feel free to write to us, email us or give us a call.

The Old Manor House
Sutton Road
NR12 0AS
United Kingdom

Working hours:
Mon- Fri 8AM - 6PM
(Note. We answer emails anytime)

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The Old Manor House
Sutton Road
NR12 0AS, UK
Tel. 0333 3408600
Mob: +44 (0) 7973 138998
General.     info@icoriolis.net
Sales.          sales@icoriolis.net
CEO.           anthony@icoriolis.net
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